Troma Tuesdays at Santa Salsa to Behead Viewers with Decampitated on January 15th at 8 PM

Seven friends decide to take a summer vacation together, but end up in the haunted woods of Decamp Acres after their car breaks down– and their luck takes an even worse turn when a psychopathic killer begins to hunt them down one by one!

A wacky and hilarious mish-mash of cartoonish violence, self awareness and a soundtrack that’ll remind the viewers of the 90’s music they used to love and now avoid like the plague, ‘Decampitated’ is a summer vacation worth taking!

Attendees should also stay after the movie for an awesome DJ Afterparty at 10 PM, hosted by DJ 1-800-GOOD-SET!

For the next two weeks we will be at Santa Salsa, where we’ll be unearthing some more classics that haven’t been screened in years! Every screening starts at exactly 8 PM! We will also follow each show with a free DJ Afterparty by some of the best local dance and punk DJs!

Santa Salsa

234 Starr Street

Brooklyn, NY 11237

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.