Erotic Slasher PARTY LINE and Sci-Fi Film BATTLE FOR THE LOST PLANET Make Blu Debut This February from Vinegar Syndrome

Greydon Clark’s much discussed but hard to see SCARY MOVIE precursor, WACKO, makes its worldwide Blu-ray debut, lovingly restored from its long lost camera negative. It’s got Joe Don Baker, George Kennedy, Stella Stevens, Charles Napier, and Andrew Dice Clay in his big screen debut, doing his best Travolta impression.

Then, William Webb’s offbeat mix of early ‘erotic thriller’ and late slasher, PARTY LINE comes to Blu for the first time, featuring a brand new 4k restoration, giving you the perfect opportunity to appreciate its neon color scheme and lo-fi throat slashings better than ever!

Practical effects wizard and Ray Harryhausen devotee, Brett Piper’s two first features, BATTLE FOR THE LOST PLANET and its sequel, MUTANT WAR (co-starring Cameron Mitchell!) make their Blu-ray debuts. These two no budget sci-fi passion projects rank among the most ambitions of the era (considering their budgets) and are bursting with action.

Finally, Carter Steven’s hardcore classic (and only Los Angeles shot film) TINSELTOWN comes to Blu, restored from its negative and featuring an all new commentary with Carter, moderated by one of our top artists, Earl Kessler!

Written by Blacktooth

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