Yas Queen! Britney Spears Filmed A Cameo for Horror Comedy “Corporate Animals.”

It’s Britney, Bitch.

I’m sure you never anticipated seeing the words “horror film” and “Britney Spears” in the same sentence, but here we are starting off 2019 with a bang. Yesterday, it was announced by all major media outlets that the Grammy Award winning singer has filmed a surprise cameo for horror-comedy Corporate Animals, which is scheduled to premiere at Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday, February 5th 2019.

Written by Sam Bain and directed by Patrick Brice, Corporate Animals follows a woman named Lucy, who is the CEO of America’s biggest provider of edible cutlery. Lucy takes her staff on a corporate sponsored, team-building retreat in New Mexico, only to have disaster strike. Trapped underground after a freak cave-in, the disgruntled co-workers and their egotistical boss are forced to pull together in order to survive. Demi Moore, Karan Soni, Jessica Williams, Ed Helms, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Martha Kelly and Dan Bakkedahl star.

In an interview with ETOnline, director Price explained that one of the characters in his new horror comedy is obsessed with the pop icon. Price tells the source, “Through a series of connections, we were able to get 10 minutes of her time to record this, which is so awesome.” Now, depending on what media outlet you follow, there are two versions of Spears’ character, or the possibility that both scenarios happen. First, Bustle says that Spears will be playing the ghost of herself as one character hallucinates while suffering from gangrene. Spears is credited as encouraging him to continue fighting. But according to ETOnline, one of the characters hears her speaking to him through the walls.

Britney Spears is recognized as one of the biggest pop stars in music history. The singer, now 37, has sold over 74,000,000 albums worldwide, which have spawned 12 top ten hits including her #1’s: “…Baby One More Time,” “Womanizer,” “3,” and “Hold it Against Me.” No stranger to the acting world, Britney played the leading role in teen drama Crossroads, and made guest appearances in hit shows like “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” “Keenan & Kel,” “Will and Grace,” “How I Met Your Mother, “Glee” and “Jane the Virgin.”

Recently, Spears made headlines for announcing her hiatus from the entertainment industry, mere weeks before she was scheduled to begin her second Las Vegas residency. This was due to her desire to stay with her family during her father’s sudden illness.

Can’t wait to see how she does in Corporate Animals!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)