Big Practical FX Creature Feature “BEAST OF WATER” (ENUATTI) Hits Disc

In the pristine forests of the Great American Nowhere, a team of academics looking for remnants of an ancient indigenous culture find instead a scientific breakthrough in the form of living water. Their corporate benefactors will stop at nothing to capitalize on this amazing discovery, and risk destroying the environment in the process. Their ruthlessness wakes the Enuattii, a monstrous creature who acts as a vengeful protector of the water against paramilitary goon squad threatening the balance of nature.

When their funding is cut off, a team of academic researchers turn to AESIV, a nefarious corporation, to continue their work on the legends of the Ininkwe, a lost Native American tribe. Led by Dr. Walter Grey, who is fascinated with the Ininkwe myths of “living water” and a fearsome creature called “Enuattii,” the team discovers hard scientific evidence of the legendary water’s properties, but try to keep it a secret.

AESIV becomes aware of the findings, and sends a paramilitary squad of mercenaries to escort the scientists to the Ininkwe site. Charged with protecting AESIV’s investment, their heartless disrespect of nature awakens the Enuattii, a monster who lives in and protects the sacred Ininkwe waters.
One by one, the Enuattii avenges those who threaten the Ininkwe waters. A climactic battle for supremacy over the tribe’s ancestral lands between the Enuattii and AESIV’s band of hired thugs proves that nature’s law has no mercy.

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Written by Blacktooth

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