“The Laplace’s Demon” Now Available for Pre-Order, New Clip Unveiled

“The Laplace’s Demon” Now Available for Pre-Order, New Clip Unveiled

LOS ANGELES, CA February 5th – Reel Nightmare Films is thrilled to share the PRE-ORDER LINK for their newest horror thriller, THE LAPLACE’S DEMON. Available beginning today at a special price.

The critically-acclaimed horror feature has been a favorite of the horror film festival circuit, screening at Screamfest in Los Angeles and the Fantasia Film Festival in Canada.

“A Hitchcock-level of suspense” declares Blumhouse. “A suspenseful slasher that echoes Sin City and The Twilight Zone,” says Reel Nightmare Films’ Armand Petri.

The synopsis reads: Eight scientists working on a device that could predict the future are lured to a mansion on a deserted island by a mysterious professor interested on their findings. As they uncover their role in their host’s deadly experiment, a chess board with eight self-propelled pawns begins predicting their every move.

In a brand new clip released today, the “pawns” in this deadly game find themselves at the mercy of The Queen, the predatory entity hunting them down one by one.

“The Laplace’s Demon” will be available on iTunes USA/Canada, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and more VOD platforms on February 22nd.


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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)