Mysterious New Film From Dead Good Films Like ELEVATOR TO INSANITY is Now Available on VOD

Can you find all the clues?

On Januray 30th 2019 Elevator to Insanity a Mysterious Un-announced film by Director Nik Box (She’s Dead, Brutal Jesus) was released on various platforms AMAZON PRIME, VIMEO etc. This film has left viewers Puzzled, Frustrated and Confused.

The plot is vague a young photographer boards an elevator of a very tall building a proceeds to go up for what seems like forever with random stops along the way with strange occurances a woman boarding and leaving the elevator on numerous occasions, a mysterious dancer, floating balls of light and an hysterical screaming lady and when the photographer gets to his location things get even stranger.

The film was released with no promotion other than a live reaction video from Chris Hines an entertainment blogger and director that Nik has collaborated with before but even Chris seemed confused by the project in his video.

Nik has now reveled there is alot more to the film than meets the eye and has explained that is infact a Treasure Map.
Directors Comments

“I shot Elevator to Insanity back in 2015 it started out as a bit of an experiment then a bit of a joke I was kind of going for a Spoof on Art Films, I wanted it to be confusing frustrating and a little pretentious, however it actually turned out, much more in line to my other films. In 2018 i decided i would close the doors on Dead Good Films Like the brand which I have operated under for the last decade, but before ending DGFL for good i wanted to release all of my unreleased projects and through 2018 I have done this. When i got round to Elevator to Insanity i decided i wanted to try something different to end DGFL with bang or end it was a silly little mystery. I went back to scratch and re edited the film removing and reordering large chunks of the plot including entirely removing a key character, I then mapped out clues adding the De Ja Vu element to the film allowed me to really tune it to a map, In total 14 clues are inside Elevator to insanity that will reveal bits of the plot and eventually lead you to a URL which will contain the original version of the film with all the missing elements intact and lots of other mysterious bonuses such as unseen DGFL films and cool stuff. The clues are there some are more in your face than others, each clue you crack will give you a hint to the next. All i will say is the first clue will lead to a Domain name look at things inside the elevator. I want people to watch the film take notes and work this out, it’s all there to be found.”


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