ADAMASTOR – A Handmade Horror Clothing Brand

Adamastor, the Portuguese Horror Clothing Project

Adamastor arrives as a unique clothing project in Portugal. 100 per cent Portuguese, it touches the alternative themes in the Horror genre; but with a twist. It brings a light mood to a dark world, giving consumer’s clothes that they can use on an every-day basis for every occasion. Adamastor is a unisex project that concentrates not only on the genre but the love for horror that the individual has inside, that’s why the project’s motto is “Wear The Evil In You”, express your inner horror.

What differentiates this brand from the others? It’s fully handmade. From the drawings till the heat-transfer process to the clothing and also the shipment – everything is made by the owner, one by one, giving all his love to it. Besides all the designs that the store has (from Small to Extra Large sizes, and from T-shirt, Long sleeve to Sweatshirt models) you can talk to us and choose your own custom drawing and give life to your own dark wishes and secrets in a unique model.

Adamastor was created in the beginning of 2018, but only in 2019 has it matured with its own ideas and goals while trying to bring a new vision to the horror- movie clothing merchandize scene. The creator, Marcos Meneses Martins, was born in Terceira – Açores, an avid Horror-Movie addict since the age of 5, and an artist till this day. Having two loves in his life, he tried to bring together both, Horror and art, by creating the new monster in town: Adamastor… Wear your EVIL.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)