Jonathan Canady’s My Dark Hunger, a solo show of six paintings and several prints inspired by the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini, opens March 9, 2019, at Azoth in Portland, OR, accompanied by live performances by Jonathan Canady, Masaaki Masao, Terror Apart, and Spiritual Exit.

“You really do frighten me now, for you’re really very close to me, enclosed within my state of rage, my dark hunger, my thrashing like some newborn creature”

– From the poem “To Death: A Fragment” by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Canady began MY DARK HUNGER by drawing men’s faces in what could be seen as either distress or pleasure. While reading Enzo Siciliano’s biography of Pier Paolo Pasolini, he felt a link and pursued the sensation. He admires the filmmaker’s ability to deal with taboo subjects in an elegant manner. Canady also identifies with Pasolini’s dark compulsions. As he’s been completing the work for this show he’s been reviewing Pasolini’s films and reading his poetry and political writings, with Pasolini’s novel “A Violent Life” in current rotation.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Canady moved to Philadelphia from 2000–2014 and then to Portland, beginning a much stronger chapter in the artist’s realizations. He was the art director for Relapse Records for five years and continues to work as a freelance designer. Canady’s work has been exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, and Portland in the US, and in Europe has been featured in multiple publications.

Canady began working in visual art seriously in 2007. A recent video art and live soundtrack installation piece, The Unspeakable, was on display in Portland at the Torment is Flesh 2 concert festival. As Portland has a current lean for a more pop surrealist embrace, and a smaller art academia, Canady has to create his own space rather than rely on one created for him.

Since 2012 Canady’s solo experimental music has been directly connected to his art. The art content is there if people choose to investigate the connections. If they enjoy it as simply “noise music” that’s fine too, according to the artist, who has been a part of outfits Deathpile, Angel of Decay, and Dead World.

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