Special Screening of Victor Goodview at Anthology Film Archives to Honor Jonas Mekas on Wednesday, March 6th

On Wednesday, March 6th at 9:30 PM, creator of The Toxic Avenger and Troma Entertainment President Lloyd Kaufman will be coming to the Anthology Film Archives in New York to honor Jonas Mekas’ memory and support the presentation of ‘Victor Goodview,’ a film by Vincent Turturro and Jerome Raim!

“Jonas was a heroic friend and supporter of Troma and all true artists! Victor Goodview is the kind of personal, one of a kind and very diverting, provocative film that Jonas adored,” says Kaufman.

In the Yonkers ghetto – on the outskirts of New York City – aimless white-boy-millennial Victor finds himself without a job and short on the utility bill. To make matters more… uncomfortable, he hasn’t had a bowel movement in longer than he can remember.

Victor seeks solace by making friends of dubious character, smoking crack of dubious quality, and pursuing women of dubious intent. As Victor readies himself for his desperately needed dead-end job interview, the consequences of his lifestyle catch up with him.

This special screening is part of the New Filmmakers of New York year-long film festival, and it’s happening a week before Victor Goodview becomes available on Blu-Ray on March 12th!

“VICTOR GOODVIEW is the best non-Troma Troma movie ever, with all the shock, all the scat, all the shlock of a classic Troma film but with a lethal dose of realism, it’ll have the arthouse hipsters crapping in their fedoras.”

-Lloyd Kaufman

March 6th, 2019, 9:30 PM

Anthology Film Archives

32 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10003

Written by Blacktooth

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