Australian Horror Hits YouTube with Andrew Montague’s “Blackwood”


Nikki, a sound recordist, picks up a strange sound whilst filming on location in a forest. After a disturbing encounter, she wakes up alone, confused and filthy in her house. Her only chance at finding out what happened to her, lies within her sound recorder.


With Blackwood I wanted to make a short film that aims to subvert the genre while bringing a fresh take on the misadventure trope in horror. I chose the sound recordist as a character to portray as their job is very solitary almost, walled off from the rest of the production, a great character to follow and put in a solitary situation. I love sound design and wanted to explore sound-scape as a way to drive tension. We designed a specific sound, both ominous and peculiar that leads you through the film and to its terrifying source. After visiting the California Redwoods I fell in love with the texture and scale of the forest, which is unlike the Australian bush, luckily there is one forest like that here in Australia and we used it as our location.


I am an Australian writer and director with a long background in VFX, motion design and commercial directing. After working in London and New York for large VFX companies, I turned my attention back to writing and directing, creating my first short film “Attic”, shot on location in Brooklyn, New York. Now based back in Australia, I have made my second short “Blackwood” and I am writing a TV series and a feature film. I’m a passionate and driven film maker, with a deep interest in original storytelling, especially within the genre sphere.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)