Horror Anthology HORRORS AND FIENDS Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Horrors and Fiends is a collaboration of passionate driven filmmakers from the Midwest joining forces for an epic horror anthology! With Monsters, demons, and true horrors you’re in for one hell of a good time with a twist you’ll never see coming! From Studio 605.

A collection of short stories featuring different type of “Horrors” meaning fears and “Fiends” being monsters. The everyday scary shit that just gives horror to peoples lives, with the monsters and boogymen who dwell in the dark and shadows. With a tie-in storyline the film will be one hell of a ride!

The anthology features segments from Roman Jossart (The Campground), Jack Norman (The Wicked One), Jason Crowe (Harvest Lake), Stephanie Hensley (Dane Granger), and Brady A. Myers (Angel).

Written by Blacktooth

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