Dante HH Presents Animated Video for Rebellious New Single Arcane XIII

Dante HH presents upbeat and rebellious new single “Arcane XIII”
From the album Gunblade Blues Vol.II, the single comes with a gripping animated video!

Los Angeles based blues-punk outfit Dante HH is back with another dose of their signature sound. “Arcane XIII” is a high energy, catchy single, combining the sounds of hard rock, rockabilly, and blues to get your feet dancing and your friends singing along. Dante HH masterfully blend the upbeat vibe of bands such as Turbonegro with a touch of LA rock and blues guitar.

With the single comes a creepy and rather trippy animated music video, created by Juan Calle of Liberum Donnum, a studio in Bogota (Colombia). In collaboration with the band, the kaleidoscopic concept was formulated, and the video features characters and monsters from previous music videos of Dante HH. Hellhounds, grim reapers and many more make an appearance in the video, which matches the fast pace of the music with rhythmic animations and scene changes.

“Arcane XIII” is the latest track to be released from their sophomore album Gunblade Blues Vol.II. The band has been releasing individual tracks from the LP over the last year, breaking away from the traditional schedule of releases for albums that the industry usually adopts.

“Dante HH… It’s pretty damn good. Original and I love the stand-up bass.” – Jim Florentine (Comedian/Host VH1/SiriusXM)

About The Band: Dante HH (the HH standing for Hell Hounds) formed in Colombia in 2011. Relocated to Los Angeles in 2017, the band is known and famed for their signature sound, a mix of punk, blues, rock, and rockabilly. Besides music, they use videos, comics, writing and any other form of artistic expression to communicate their message: Art is Magic, Magic is Art. Their first album, The Rorschach Manifesto, was released in 2011, and videos made for several the singles, some of which went to win several awards in Colombian film festivals. The band is currently formed by Kami Rayne on vocals, Alexx Black on rhythm guitar, Gonzo on lead guitar, Andy Summers III on drums, and Keisuke Motoki on upright bass.

Tour Dates:

March 28- Petie’s Place – 6025 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana, CA
April 2- Redwood Bar – 316 W 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA
April 9 – Rainbow Bar & Grill – 9015 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA
April 20 – Lucky Wheels Moto Garage, 255 N Mission, Los Angeles, CA
April 30 – Skinny’s Lounge, 4923 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)