Exclusive Music Video Premiere: “BLEED” by Landon Reed

Horror director Dylan Mars Greenberg, (Amityville: Vanishing Point, ReAgitator) has teamed up with an incredible new up and coming musician named Landon Reed and Glitter Macabre, the secret weapon stylist of the goth and nightlife world, to create the music video for “BLEED” – a trippy, color-fueled surreal-horror-experimental experience examining alienation and heartache.

Says Landon, Long Beach’s newest lo-fi sensation: “The song means many things to me…but to keep it simple, I suppose it has a lot to do with the idea of destruction being beautiful. Sometimes things need to break in order to function correctly. Sometimes you need to walk into the dark to see the light, to understand what it means to be human. To feel and to love. To accept yourself and your surroundings, and embrace the darkness.

The process was powerful, from recoding the song to shooting the video…if anything the word I would use is therapeutic. At the end of the day that’s why I make music, its our medicine. The world’s medicine.”

Says stylist Glitter Macabre: “It was fast and rough and really creatively charged. Concept, making the costumes, and filming the video happened in less than two days. I had never been to the desert really fascinated with aliens and ufos and the emptiness of it, and the song is about alienation so we used that as our concept.“

Says director Dylan Mars Greenberg: “Working with Landon was an absolute pleasure, and I think the message of the video is something we can all relate to. Feeling alien is a surprisingly human experience.”

Written by Blacktooth

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