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Review – Myers: The Butcher of Haddonfield (Watch Inside!)

Chris R. Notarile and his company, Blinky Productions, are the leading source for fan films on YouTube. Notarile has shot dozens at this point, though his most recognizable entries are The Powerpuff Girls and Spider-Man: The Ballad of Mary Jane; with each mini-movie going viral and receiving millions of views. Horror fans know, however, that Chris started in this endeavor – producing fan films – by doing his own “killer three” movies, most notice-able with The Nightmare Ends on Halloween mash-up and his personal, more in-depth spin on Freddy Krueger. It’s been eight years since The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II and with Halloween 2018 going to the wayside with buzz of a sequel, Notarile jumped on the bandwagon and shot his own Michael Myers piece titled Myers: The Butcher of Haddonfield. The eight minute movie is available to watch on YouTube today, and I’ve included it for you at the bottom of this post. Written, directed and edited by Chris R. Notarile, Myers: The Butcher of Haddonfield was produced by Will Anthony, Hannah Sophia Van Rossum and Kristopher Price with executive producers Kaylie McClausland, Keenan De Phillippo, Austin Grgich and Patrick Farmer.

Myers: The Butcher of Haddonfield takes place in 1978, mere moments after Michael wakes up on the lawn of Tommy Doyle’s house after being shot six times by Dr. Sam Loomis. Michael’s night continues on as he seeks shelter from the police while running conjunctive with flashbacks of the days before his transfer, when the doctors in his asylum were debating whether or not to approve his transfer. While some remain skeptical, noting that they believe his coma-like disposition is all a ruse, others want to go home for the day and quickly dismiss the case…setting the bloody events of Halloween night into motion. Dani Scott, Jeff Odachowski, John Atkins, Laura Van Yck, Matthew Thomas Stallings and Erin Lanier star with Chris Callaway as Michael Myers. In typical Blink Productions style, Myers: The Butcher of Haddonfield is a well-polished, independent fan film that focuses on character development over shock effects. It’s almost impossible to spot an error in filming or editing, and most of the acting performances are pretty good for a Halloween fan film going straight to YouTube.

Wouldn’t expect anything less from Chris R. Notarile. He always delivers the goods. Plus, the YouTube thumbnail and promotional images really do look like they belong in 1978. Well, done.

Here’s my favorite thing about Myers: The Butcher of Haddonfield. It links the two established timelines together while also remaining its own original take on the legend himself. It’s a cool and clever way of mixing the Halloween (78) and Halloween (18) story with Halloween 5 through Halloween: Resurrection. I say this because seeing Michael’s perspective, alone and calculating, very much mirrors the out of body experience of Halloween 5 when he wakes up in the mine shaft. It also features the new story and characteristics established by Jason Blum by seeing Michael go on a small rampage, completely unrelated to the pursuit of Laurie Strode and her kid a la the middle of Halloween (18). Hey, gotta get the gore in somehow! In this way, I think Myers: The Butcher of Haddonfield is an all encompassing, full-circle fan film that can bring any group of Halloween fans together. Watch it below.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)