Actress Apocalypse (Review)

Director – Richard R. Anasky
Starring – Garo Nigoghossian (Franklin: A Symphony of Pain, Dangerous People), Greg G. Freeman (Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead, Dangerous People), and Jay Ingle (Reconciled, Deadly Dares: Truth or Date Part IV)
Release Date – 2005
Rating – 3.5/5

Tagline – “When a documentary goes wrong you get an…”

Horror and exploitation cross paths more often than fans give them credit for. Exploitation came about when small production producers saw trends in movies that sold and exploited it. This resulted in films that often crossed genres but typically involved a lot of blood, gore, and nudity. In 2005 Richard R. Anasky set out to make a behind the scenes mockumentary involving a no budget film crew making a horror film.

Actress Apocalypse was received well by several horror and exploitation critics but fell into obscurity as the decade closed. Recently star Garo Nigoghossian reached out to me about reviewing the film because he is giving this film another release. I agreed and I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed this slice of exploitation goodness.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows two brothers who want to make a no budget horror film but they can not see eye to eye on how to handle the process. David B. Lincoln III (Nigoghossian) respects the women he casts in the film and tries to keep the set professional. His brother Vance (Freeman) does not. Women are there for his amusement and he wants the death scenes to be as real as possible. So he goes behind his brother’s back and kills the actresses on camera. **Spoiler Alert**

When I agreed to check out a movie for Garo I had no idea what the movie was and when I got it in the mail I have to admit that I was very underwhelmed. I mean no disrespect but the artwork on the DVD is horrible and I immediately thought I was going to be watching something that I would never be able to finish. I was far from the truth. The movie was a fantastically sleazy good time and I loved every minute of it.

The acting in this one is extremely fun to watch. The cast is fully dedicated to their roles and it shows in each scene. The stars of the film is the Lincoln brothers brought to life by Garo Nigoghossian and Greg G. Freeman. They work so well with each other and their scenes are very intense from time to time. Nigoghossian brings some unexpected humor to the scene and Freeman brings the intensity and vulgarity. The supporting cast is fucking fun as well but these two are the stars of this show.

The story for this one works perfectly for a no budget production. The team behind this one knew exactly what they had to work with and how they had to handle the film which worked very well for the finished film. The movie does start to slow down at times but that is remedied with pointless nudity and vulgar rants that will leave you laughing.

Finally, if you want blood and gore you wont find it here. However, if you want to look at some of the best examples of the female form that film has to offer you are in the right place! Overall, Actress Apocalypse may be mislabeled by some as a horror flick but that it is not. Sure, it may share some of the key elements but this is a prime example of mid 2000s exploitation. It’s fucking sleazy, sexy, and highly entertaining. Check this mother fucker out!

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Written by Blacktooth

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