PORTRAITS OF ANDREA PALMER – A nightmarish glimpse into a sexual hell, now on Blu-ray

Portraits of Andrea Palmer
1 Blu-ray disc
Label: Tomorrow Productions
Preorder: 6/11/19 Street: 7/9/19
MSRP: $29.99
UPC: 663390003060
Catalog #: TP-1
Color and B&W, 74 minutes in English
Region All. Widescreen 1.66:1
PCM Stereo
Production year: 2017 in the USA
Directors: C. Huston, J. Lyons
Cast: Katrina Zova, Chad Alva, William Margold, Sheena Rose

Andrea Palmer (Katrina Zova) spends her days working as a cam girl. After having an online breakdown, she receives an unexpected and too-good-to-be-true offer to come to Los Angeles and work full time as an erotic model. Jumping on what seems like a perfect opportunity for financial independence, Andrea immediately travels to LA but no sooner than arriving, discovers that she’s been conned and finds herself stranded and alone. Relying on what she knows best, she begins working as an escort, losing a bit of herself with each new client and becoming more and more willing to perform the vilest of sexual services; a decision which can only end in tragedy and violence.

Photographed in 16mm and co-starring Sheena Rose, Chad Alva, and the legendary William Margold in his final on-screen performance, PORTRAITS OF ANDREA PALMER presents a nightmarish glimpse into a sexual hell where pleasure, pain, and perversity all blend into one.

SPECIAL FEATURES: •Uncensored 2k Scan from Original 16mm Reversal Film
•Uncompressed PCM Stereo Audio
•English Subtitles
•Audio Commentary with directors C. Huston and J Lyons
•Behind the Scenes Photos and Stills
•Original Uncut Trailer

Written by Blacktooth

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