Blu Review – The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Director – Bryan Spicer (The X-Files)
Starring – Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Paul Freeman (Hot Fuzz), and Nicholas Bell (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark)
Release Date – 1995
Rating – 4/5
Blu Release – 3/5

Tagline – “Six teenagers have discovered the power to fight the forces of evil. Now the fate of the universe is in their hands”

When people first meet me they quickly discover my love for horror, however, over time they are shocked when they find out my deep love for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and any other geeky show from my childhood. When I was growing up everyone knew not to mess with me while MMPR was on and when I was older I got the original megazord tattooed on my leg (no, I am not ashamed). Also, when I was younger I can remember two movies that I was so excited to see that I almost threw up because I was so impatient. Those two movies were The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Space Jam.

I was so excited to see the MMPR movie that I cried multiple times because my dad would not take me. So I had to wait until it was released on VHS and over the years the VHS stopped working because I watched it so many times. Sometime ago Shout Factory announced that they would be releasing the film on blu. This is one of those films I had to have so I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send over a review copy. Thanks guys!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows the power rangers (if you don’t know who they are then get the hell off Horror Society you piece of shit) as they face their biggest foe yet. The cosmic villain, Ivan Ooze, has been released from his ancient slumber by the evil Rita and Lord Zedd. Ivan then traps them both in a snow globe and destroys Zordon’s secret lair. The power rangers lose their power and Alpha-5 sends them to a planet that has the only power source in the universe with enough power to save Zordon and the world. On that planet they meet a mysterious lady that tells them about the great power and the quest they will have to complete in order to obtain that power. The power rangers complete that task and head back to Earth and defeat Ooze and saving Zordon.**Spoiler Alert**

This movie was the perfect film until I hit puberty. Hell, even after then it was still fun as hell. The movie is just the perfect children’s film and ties the 1st and 2nd season of the show together perfectly making this movie a smooth continuation of the show.

The acting in this one is the same quality as you got in the television show. The cast portraying the power rangers are actually the downside to the cast while Paul Freeman (Ivan Ooze) steals the show and does an amazing job. I quote a lot of movies, and even more when I am drinking, and Ooze’s lines are among those I often quote. His character is unforgettable.

The story fits the MMPR universe perfectly and helps craft one amazing film that I still love today. I personally know people that hated the show growing up and loved the movie and that speaks volumes about how entertaining this is. We get a rich story with a lot of action and one hell of a way to expand an already massive universe.

Finally, the film has some amazing special effects that we often do not get in a children’s film. The costumes and sets are fantastic and some of the props are amazing to look at. However, we also get some of the worst CGI to accompany it. I even noticed how bad it was when I was little. A movie of this caliber should have had better CGI or at least try to put it on the same level as the television show. Overall, this is one hell of a film that everyone should watch and have in their collection. Fans of the show will not want to skip on this blu release from Shout!

Special Features:
Original Featurette

Written by Blacktooth

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