Slasher 15 Productions funding for “Bloody Summer Camp”

Last week at their Return of the Slasher Nurse premiere, Slasher 15 Productions announced the start of their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their next project, Bloody Summer Camp, along with releasing their pitch trailer for it as well.

“We have a huge assortment of perk packs from pre-orders of the film to actually being the killer in the film,” said David Kerr, writer/director at Slasher 15 Productions. After only just starting their crowdfunder a week ago, they’re already 52% funded. So far, 2 of the 3 Executive producer credits have been taken as well as a perk to own the film worn killer mask and 2 “die in the film” perks as well. Some other perks that are available include storyboards, t-shirts, cast photos, props and even the chance to be drawn onto the DVD cover as a victim of Devilface.

The upcoming film takes place in 1986 when a group of counselors at a kids summer camp, Camp Trustfall, gather to prepare for the upcoming year. Not long after their arrival, their fun and games are cut short when a masked killer dubbed “Devilface” shows up and begins hacking up the counselors one by one. Could Devilface be part of the camp legend or is he someone else with an axe to grind with the counselors?

Bloody Summer Camp’s Kickstarter needs to reach $10,000 in order for the film to be made. They are running an all or nothing campaign so if they don’t reach their 10K goal, they will not receive any of the funds.

If funded, Bloody Summer Camp is slated to begin filming in the spring of 2020. Filming will take place at Camp Holiday Trails in Charlottesville, Va. Initial casting took place earlier this year when they filmed their pitch trailer at the camp in March. Some of the main casting included Christian Jensen and Rita Christine. Casting will continue after the film reaches is funding goal on Kickstarter. One of the roles still up for grabs is the title killer, Devilface.

Founded in 2016, Slasher 15 Productions has released 2 low budget indie horror films. Curse of the Slasher Nurse was their first film and it’s currently being distributed by Screamtime films and is on various VOD platforms like Amazon Prime. Return of the Slasher Nurse, their second film and the sequel to Curse of the Slasher Nurse, had it’s premiere last week in Fredericksburg, Va. The film is slated to premiere at Creature Feature Weekend in August. So far, a distributor for the film has not be chosen.

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