The Toxic Avenger Takes Over Free Troma Tuesdays and Goes Down Under on June 18th at The Vanguard in Sydney, Australia at 9PM

Press Release Written and Submitted by John Ferri (TROMA Inc.)

Troma Entertainment presents a Troma Tuesday Free screening of their classic 1984 toxic waste soaked superhero tale The Toxic Avenger on June 18th at The Vanguard in Sydney, Australia at 9:00PM.

Released in 1984, The Toxic Avenger tells the legend of Melvin Ferd, a nerdy, oft-bullied janitor, in the town of Tromaville, New Jersey. After being driven into a vat of bubbling toxic waste by his tormentors, mild tempered Melvin chemically mutates into a creature of super-human size and strength! Armed with new found abilities and an extreme distaste for bullies, “Toxie” takes it upon himself to clean up the streets of Tromaville, one scummy piece of trash at a time.

Troma’s seminal 1984 B-movie, cult masterpiece, Directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, stars Mitch Cohen, Andree Maranda, Gary Schneider, Jennifer Babtist, Pat Ryan Jr. and Mark Torgi.

Fans in Sydney, Australia will be able to catch The Toxic Avenger for one night only on June 18th at The Vanguard at 9:00 PM for FREE!

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The Vanguard

2 King St. Newtown, NSW

2042, AU

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