Sequel Fan Film “Myers: The Evil of Haddonfield” Hits YouTube

Here’s the second installment in Chris Notarile’s Myers series.

Three bodies have been discovered, but the night HE came home is far from over, and the only man capable of stopping Michael Myers’ evil from spreading is Dr. Loomis.

Directed by Chris Notarile, Myers: The Evil of Haddonfield stars Joseph Callari as Dr. Loomis, Aaron Matis, Chris Callaway, Tess Speranza and Brian Mange.

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This is the 2nd installment of my MYERS trilogy. As we’ve learned from the new 2018 story line, Michael Myers was captured and arrested by Officer Frank Hawkins and Dr. Loomis back in 1978. Quite possibly THE MOST INTERESTING scene out of this who knew continuity, and we never get to see it. Well not on my watch. With my first MYERS short, I wanted to put the focus on Michael’s walkabout. Letting us follow him around as he just randomly kills people. With this second installment, and the introduction of Dr. Loomis (played to perfection by Joseph Callari), I wanted to switch the focus back onto the true heart of the Halloween franchise. Loomis has always been our window into the Halloween series. We cheer for him, feel for him, and hang onto everything he says. But ever since the legendary Donald Pleasence passed away, the Halloween franchise has struggled to fill the void.

Fortunately since this is a fan film, there is not as much pressure on me, so I can pretty much do whatever I feel it right. And to me, showing the capture of Michael Myers is something I think we all want to see. The entire short was filmed in one day at my home on a shoe string budget. If you’re familiar with my work, you will know this is no shocker. The mask for Michael was a Trick or Treat Studio’s KIRK’75, that I customized myself. And yes, I know the prop gun used by Loomis is not a 357. The S&W I wanted was just too far out of my price range, so I had to make do.

Most of you die hard fans will also probably notice that I took some creative liberties with Ben Trammer. Since he wasn’t crushed by a car and burned alive, I figured he was fair game again. I originally was going to give him a similar mask the one he wore in the 1981 H2 movie, but due to some technical difficulties with the custom paint job I had done, the mask was unusable. So I said “screw it”, and just gave him a regular white plastic mask. It’s a new timeline, right? There are no rules!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)