Chris Notarile Unleashes Original Horror Short “Frenzy”

A professional assassin is stalked and hunted by a supernatural serial killer with only one goal- to die. But can this specialist defeat the psychopath known only as Frenzy, or is he in over his head?

Check out the full versions of the opening and end credit songs here: https://glitchmoderecordings.bandcamp.


Frenzy is the BCU’s first horror character. I created her back in high school, but under a different (less original name). The concept behind the character is that she cannot die, and has zero memory of who she was before she became “Frenzy”. And that has pretty much driven her insane. She’s tired, angry, full of rage, and contradiction. All she wants is death at the hands of a worthy opponent, but nothing ever seems to stick. I knew when casting Frenzy, I needed someone with range. They had to be maniacal, sexy, vile, emasculating, perverted, unhinged etc….. To say Dani Scott had a clear understanding of what I wanted was an understatement. She dove into the character head first and it shows. I was definitely impressed to say the least and can only imagine what she could do for the character if ever given a larger platform.

If you’re familiar with the BCU, then you might recognize some of the troupes associated with Kane the Specialist. Much like the world of John Wick, my Specialists all have a certain style and code of ethics they follow. One of the major themes in this short is exposing weakness. I really liked the idea of having a Frenzy, who more or less acts like a rabid dog, completely overpower and psychologically intimidate this high end professional killer. I think it’s something we don’t often see in stories. Usually the good guy wins, kills the bad guy and gets the girl. It’s predictable and played out. So I was happy to be able to subvert that scenario.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)