THE PULSE – Interactive Horror Game Available Now

An new interactive sci-fi/horror adventure called The Pulse has been released from StoryFix Media. The game is available for Android devices now on the Google Play store.

A modern choose-your-own-adventure narrative two years in the making, The Pulse adds new layers of interactivity to the medium made popular by the books and games of the 80’s by allowing players to further shape the narrative by gaining or losing a protagonist’s trust, rewarding exploration, and using their ability to make morally challenging decisions at a moment’s notice.

As you struggle to survive and uncover uncomfortable truths, your allegiances will be tested and friends may become foes.

“There’s more to The Pulse than making binary choices,” said Christopher Webster, writer of The Pulse. “How you interact with characters through the story influences the evolution of their feelings and actions towards you in some profound ways resulting in what we hope is a rich, diverse experience for every player.”


In a dark town, not on any map, a woman awakes in a strange motel. With no memory of who she is, or why she’s there, she will rely on your judgment and quick-thinking to navigate untold dangers, learn the secret of her identity, and the truth behind a mysterious pulse that may just to be the cause of it all.

Or is it that simple? Along the way, trust will be tested and your ability to tell truths from lies could turn the whole story on its head.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.