Troma Delivers Hillbilly Horrors and Moonshine Mayhem in Brooklyn and Toronto with ‘Redneck Zombies’ on July 9th at 8 PM

Press Release Written and Submitted by John Ferri (TROMA Inc.)

Redneck Zombies Are Invading Brooklyn, NYC and Toronto, CAN!

Troma Entertainment presents a FREE Troma Tuesday screening of the toxic waste drenched 1989 hillbilly shocker Redneck Zombies on July 9th at Santa Salsa in Brooklyn, NYC at 8PM and The Grand Gerrard Theatre in Toronto, Canada at 9:00PM

After accidentally mistaking toxic waste for moonshine, decent hardworking people in the backwoods of Maryland transform into tobacco chompin’, flesh-eatin’, cannibal Redneck Zombies! When a group of unsuspecting city folk stumble onto the land of the undead hillbillies, they must quickly outwit and outrun the horde of hicks before they end up on the menu! Gratuitously gory and laugh out loud hilarious, Redneck Zombies is Troma’s most extreme tale of cannibalism and dismemberment since Bloodsucking Freaks!

Fans can see Redneck Zombies on July 9th for FREE at Santa Salsa in Brooklyn at 8:00 PM and at The Grand Gerrard Theatre in Toronto at 9:00 PM (Pay What You Can!)

Troma Tuesday screenings are continuing in Brooklyn’s Film Noir Cinema and Toronto’s Grand Gerrard Theatre! Film Noir admission is only $5, Grand Gerrard Theatre admission is FREE! Film Noir starts at 9:30 PM, Grand Gerrard starts at 9 PM!


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Santa Salsa

234 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY


The Grand Gerrard Theatre

1035 Gerrard St. E, Toronto, ON

M4M 1Z6 Canada

Written by Blacktooth

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