“BLIND” Killer Pretty Boy Halloween Mask on the Way

Halloween news in July? I’ll take it.

It was announced this morning that the killer, Pretty Boy, from Marcel Walz’ new horror film will be immortalized with merchandise in the form of a Halloween mask. The mask is being produced by Trick or Treat Studios based on the original piece by Kenneth J. Hall (The Strangers, Critters, Puppet Master). Look for it in stores this Fall.

Written by Joe Knetter, Blind finds former actress Faye (Sarah French) shortly after loosing her eyesight in a botched Lasik eye surgery. She has money and lives in a lavish house in the Hollywood Hills, but the toll of loosing her vision is causing her to be panicked and lonely. Supported by her fellow vision-impaired friend Sophia (Caroline Williams) and Luke, a mute who only communicates through his cell phone, Faye stops being a victim of her own circumstances. With so many ups and downs, her life being a revolving ball of questions has made her unaware of the stranger living in her basement, a stranger who has become infatuated with the former actress. As a love triangle blossoms in the Hollywood Hills, so does a bloodbath that will rock the community forever.

Filmed for Silent Partners and directed by Marcel Walz, Blind stars Sarah French (Ouija House), Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Jed Rowen (Impact Event), Tyler Gallant (Alpha Wolf), Thomas Haley, Ben Kaplan, Michael St. Michael and Jessica Galetti.

This past Wednesday Blind received its first sold out screening in theaters.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)