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Bad Candy: The Scott Hansen Directed Anthology and The Next Big Thing in Horror

Rob Zombie’s 31, Andy Muschietti’s IT remake, Ari Aster’s Hereditary… Every so often, a scary movie hits the masses and shocks them to their core. Up next, it looks like that movie is going to be Scott Hansen’s Bad Candy.

Director/producer Scott Hansen is no stranger to the world of horror. His 2016 feature The Possession Experiment partially revitalized the demonic possession subgenre and his resume shows future producing in that field. Based on the screenplay written by Desiree Connell, Bad Candy is an upcoming anthology that finds five interconnected stories told to a late night radio disc jockey on Mischief Night.

These stories will star Derek Russo (Jumanji 2), Ryan Kiser (House of Manson), Kenneth Trujillo, Mike Milligan, Haley Nicole Leary, Bill Pacer and Alexandra Lucchesi. The film was cast by Kevin Tompkins. Jacob Kasher, Richard Fitzpatrick, Bret Disend and Mitch Cox produced with executive producer Desiree Connell.

I was privy to a Bad Candy preview and I have to say this movie is going to be wild. It completely embodies the spirit of Halloween and is bound to freak out audiences with genuine moments of creepiness. Not only that, but the locations, set designs and practical effects are going to make your draw drop and spine tingle. I can’t wait to see more.

Further Bad Candy updates are forthcoming!

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Scott Hansen is repped by Dan Rozenblum and JJ Cassiere of “33 and West.”

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)