Indie Director Steve Rudzinski Launches Online Streaming Service SteveBuster

Costs $4.99 a month (first few subscribers get it for $3.24 the first month). Access to everything on the service.

Aug 1 started with three movies plus SH bonus features, Aug 15 will gain EMD bonus features which will place the amount of media at about 5 hours in ONLY the first month of August (for $5). The 1st and 15th of every month gains updates with the 1st being a new movie and the 15th being a bunch of bonus features.

Down the road the service will be the home for new original shorts, or the first place to see new releases, as well as the only home of OLD Steve movies such as Basic Slaughter or Wolfster which has no other modern HD release. Currently SteveBuster is the only home of Everyone Must Die on digital streaming.

Every other month will have contests where every subscriber will be randomly chosen for free swag like out of print soundtracks, posters, or LEs.

The schedule is planned up until April 2020 as of right now with even more room for growth and stuff to ad.

Written by Blacktooth

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