An Hour To Kill Plus Official TromaDance Selections Kick Off Toxic October on Troma Now

Press Release Written and Submitted by John Ferri (TROMA Inc.)

Aaron K. Carter’s An Hour To Kill puts a hit on Troma Now along with Peter Litvin (Hectic Knife)’s The Creative Slump starringTrent Haaga (Terror Firmer, Writer of Citizen Toxie and writer/director of Sundance Film Festival Favorite, 68 Kill) and a multitude of NEW and EXCLUSIVE Troma Now October Premieres!

An Hour To Kill
Written, Produced and Directed by Aaron K. Carter

Two assassins have an hour to kill (so to speak) before their next hit. To help pass the time, they entertain themselves by sharing horror stories to one another. With bizarre titles such as “Valkyrie’s Bunker”, “Assacre” and “Hog Hunters” – which hit-man’s story will be deemed most disturbing when all is said and done?

Along with An Hour to Kill, Troma Now will also be debuting
TromaDance Selected Shorts as well as Escuela Grind’s titular music video for Troma’s upcoming film from Mercedes The Muse, Honor Killing.

New October Additions to Troma Now include:

The Creative Slump
Written & Directed by Peter Litvin (Hectic Knife) and Starring Trent Haaga (Terror Firmer, Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger Part IV, 68 Kill)

Escuela Grind
“Honor Killing” Music Video

Official TromaDance Selections:
Meat Is Murder, Dir. James Boylan
Me Time, Dir. Julie Robinson
Gotas, Dir. Sergio Morcillo
We Summoned a Demon, Dir. Chris McInroy
Psycho Kino, Dir Guillem Dols
Slime, Dir. Ceus Rob
Skinface, Dir. David Valez
Z Fest, Dir. David Cordero

Fans can see An Hour to Kill, along with numerous other Fan-TOXIC October additions, ONLY at Troma Now! Exclusive World Premieres, Troma Classics and Exclusive Behind the Scenes Content are just some of the many features of Troma Now that celebrate Reel Independent Filmmaking!


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