THE BOX Now Available on the Kings of Horror Network

Box synopsis-

A man frantically dumps a body after committing an accidental murder, frightened he rushes home only to find a large ominous wooden Box on his doorstep.not knowing what to do he takes the Box into the house and unlocks a downward spiral of events that question his sanity. Box is a psychological character study that focuses on atmosphere and drama rather than cheep jump scares as we follow one mans descent into madness.
Direlcted by Lee Thongkham (The Last one,The Lake,Punisher Outbreak)

Starring Jimmy Dempster
Featuring Bella Ulrich, Ashley Welch,Audrey Dempster,Genevive,Emma Dempster

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The film is available anytime on demand at the Kings of Horror channel here

Written by Blacktooth

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