Pale Faced Lady Chapter 2 Premieres on YouTube

She Has Returned Just In Time For Halloween
Pale Faced Lady Chapter 2

The world premiere of “SHE WILL RETURN, Chapter 2 of the Pale Faced Lady Saga” is finally here… and just in time for Halloween. This is filmmaker Jeff Payne’s highly anticipated follow-up to his nightmare based short film The Pale Faced Lady.

Written, Edited, and Directed by Jeff Payne; Score provided by Aimy Miller; Mixed by Connor Jobes; Starring John Altom as Father and Rachel Taylor as The Pale Faced Lady

Hidden Ghosts: Ren Allen, Cindy Fowler, Nate Fowler, Ashley Street, Kenneth Simerly, Anakin Taylor, Sherry Payne, Ashley Payne and Jeff Payne

Makeup by Ren Allen; Special Effects by Dustin Bryant, Zac Porter, Jason Martin and Karl Imhoff; Props by Dustin Bryant and Jason Martin; Stunt Work by Dustin Miller; Lighting by Jeremy Gouge; Photographers Cortnee Sellner and Jeremy Gouge; Marketing by Michael Joy

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)