FEASTER SUNDAY: A Dark Comedy Feature Horror Film (Crowd Funding)

From the Indiegogo page:

Thanks for taking time to look at my campaign. My name is Brian Papandrea. You may have seen me in some indie films such as Space Babes From Outer Space, The Bad Man, or 13 Fanboy (well, the trailer anyway as that’s not released yet). I’m also a part of Rock Bottom Video where we’ve made small budget features like Fangboner, The Big F and Beyond The Valley of Belief vol. 1 & 2. I mainly act and write in comedy-horror features with RBV but this one is going to be slightly different. It’s going to be a bigger scale and have more make-up and effects than what is normally seen, and the movie has a darker tone in general.

As far as originality goes, FEASTER SUNDAY is completely unique. The story is relatively familiar in terms of the slasher genre, but the execution of the film and characters are what will set it apart from anything else around. Without giving too much away, it starts out as a typical slasher flick with a method Jesus actor going berserk and brutally killing the actors in the Passion Play. Years later, an ego-driven play director resurrects the show and murders start occurring in this small town. Unrelated to that is a guy who makes his own puppet show and falls in love with one of the actresses in the new Passion revival. Lots of blood, carnage, and necrophilia are soon to follow…tasteful necrophilia, of course.

Written by Blacktooth

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