Chris Notarile Debuts BCU Sequel “Frenzy 2”

After years of trying to find an end to her misery, the unstoppable Frenzy is propositioned by a friendly vampire named Janet. But can Janet truly give Frenzy the peace she has been longing for, or is Janet getting in over her head?


FRENZY 2 is the BCU crossover I never knew I wanted to see. It combines quite possibly my most unhinged character (Frenzy) with the vampires from my short film TURNED, or at least one of them. Granted, Janet was not featured in TURNED, but she still is one of Monty’s children. One of my goals with the BCU is to tie in all my original concepts. I see no reason why everything should be separate. And it’s clearly working for Marvel, why the hell not do it for my own stuff?

With FRENZY 2, I wanted to shed a little more light onto Frenzy’s plight. In the first film we learn that she wants to die, but can’t, and we are lead to believe she’s been at this for a while. But when we meet Janet, we learn that Frenzy’s actually been at this for decades and she might possibly be cursed. Knowing that Frenzy has been at this for multiple decades is intriguing to me because now we get to wonder what she was like in the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s etc. We also get to wonder how many people has she faced off against over the years and what were those stories like.

Dani Scott shines once again as Frenzy. The complexity she brings to the character with her performance is everything I could’ve asked for. When atching her as this character, I truly believe she is this psychotic beast of a person. Tess Speranza was my only choice for Janet. She was hilarious, over the top, and a down right scene stealer. She was more or less a female version of Christian Chase’s Monty, and I loved watching that come to life.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)