All Hallow’s Eve 2 (Review)

Director(s) – Bryan Norton (Penny Dreadful, Seven Hells), Jesse Baget (Zombieworld, El Mascarado Massacre), Andres Borghi (Necropolis, Fear Haus), Jay Holben (The Invoking 2, The Night Before), Mike Kochansky (Heaven: Hell, This or the Apocalypse), James Kondelik (Jurassic Galaxy, Dam Sharks), Jon Kondelik (Artic Apocalypse, Hornet), Antonio Padovan (Galaxy of Horrors, Tillman), Ryan Patch (Darkroom, The Offering), Marc Roussel (Sweet Tooth, Dark Web)
Starring – Andrea Monier (Day of the Mummy, The Black Water Vampire), Damien Monier (Grim), and Helen Rogers (V/H/S, Psychopaths)
Release Date – 2015
Rating – 2/5

Tagline – “Don’t answer the door”

Halloween has taken a deep dark turn for me. So far this October has been the most memorable for me in recent years after I decided to binge as many horror films as possible this month. I hit my first speed bump with the Hong Kong horror flick The Lingering and then went full speed into a wall with All Hallow’s Eve. All Hallow’s Eve 2 was up on deck so my month was not going to be taking a turn for the better any time soon until I finished this anthology.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a woman who finds a VHS on her doorstep and decides to give it a go. We then follow her through several shorts. The first follows a woman and her son who are roasting pumpkin seeds. They enjoy a few and then something tragic. The second tale follows a man and woman living in their home barricaded from the harsh post-apocalyptic environment outside when they receive some unusual trick or treaters. The third tale follows a father and son duo that are short on their offering in the woods for a benevolent creature in the woods.

The fourth follows a young boy who is afraid of the monster under the bed and this time there might actually be something there. The fifth tale follows a young woman who witnesses a murder and some time later she finds herself face to face with the killer…or is she? The sixth tale follows a group of teens that arrive at a carnival with an unusual game laid before them. The seventh tale follows a man who wants to have the most authentic Halloween decorations and will stop at nothing to achieve this. The eight and final tale follows a young man who lost his girlfriend sometime ago. When he tries to move on her social media accounts become sentient and don’t like being deleted.**spoiler Alert**

All Hallow’s Eve 2 is a little better than the first film but that’s not saying much. A few of the segments are fantastic but the overall film is still a challenge to finish.

Luckily, the acting in this one is a little better than the previous installment but the segments were not consistent. Some of the shorts does have a better cast than others but they are all still solid.

The stories for this one are inconsistent as well but that’s expected from anthologies with such a wide range of directors. The film starts off extremely fucking strong with the best segment in the film and then the film dwindles out from there. The Late Halloween segment is fun as well but does take a dark and bleak story and makes it end on a goofy note. The rest of the movie is a struggle to finish.

Finally, the film has several scenes with great practical effects. The first short has some decent gore and great practical effects and the remainder of the film was decent as well but the stories lack entertainment value and the effects was wasted. Overall, All Hallow’s Eve 2 is a little better than it’s predecessor but still a huge waste of time. I recommend skipping on this one.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.