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Raven is strong on the outside, but frightened and unsure deep inside, where the past torments him every day. He went through hell during and after his flight accident, and it stuck with him. Liev picking on him doesn’t help much either. But that’s nothing compared to what lies ahead of him.No matter if he calls it coincidence or fate, the fact remains that new demons are here to haunt him – and Keen Sight soon becomes his new hell. At least the monsters he encounters in the streets of the now-dead town can be taken out and left to rot in a pool of blood. Well, most of them. The question remains if getting through this alive will help him to find the peace he’s been looking for, or if this is just a start of a new torment that some might call a daymare.

Daymare: 1998 comes from Invader Studios and the cooperation of the development team with Destructive Creations, the studio responsible for Ancestors Legacy RTS, and All in! Games, who have taken on the role of global publisher.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)