Weedjies: Halloweed Night (Review)

Director – Danny Draven (Horrorvision, Reel Evil)
Starring – Brett Hargrave (My Haunted House, In Her Shadow), Victoria Strange (The Deadly Ten), Yo Ying (Most Evil, Dead Bedrooms)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “The night he got stoned!”

I’ve been a fan of Full Moon for as long as I can remember. I remember renting the movies at the local video store, Dewey’s Video, as a kid years before I became a horror fan. I remember once renting Doctor Mordrid from there and begged the owner to sell me the tape when I went to return it. In recent years Full Moon has changed their style of films after the success of Evil Bong and Gingerdead Man. Soon movies like Killjoy Goes to Hell, Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong and so on have been churned out from them. Older fans of Full Moon don’t find these films entertaining but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love them. They are so much fucking fun.

When I received the press release for The Deadly Ten I was beside myself. I couldn’t believe the news but I was genuinely excited for the films. For those of you that don’t know what The Deadly Ten is. Full Moon has set out to release ten new films where they will be heavily documentary the ins and outs of the movie making process. The first film, Weedjies: Halloweed Night, was released a week or so ago. I rushed home and set up my Full Moon Streaming account to check it out. I had plan on this review going live last week but the death of my brother-in-law made me push it back until now.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows three young ladies who rent out an old hotel to throw a weed party on Halloweed Night. They hope to make some money by charging a cover charge and offer them a special strain of bud to those that finish a scavenger hunt. A night of drinking, smoking, and partying turns deadly when the three young ladies accidentally release the evil Weedjies from the weed-g-board. Now they must trap them back in the board before midnight or their souls will be trapped in the board in their place.**Spoiler Alert**

I didn’t know what to expect when I hit play but I was surprised by how much fun the movie was. Sure, it lacked the charm and atmosphere of the classic Full Moon films of yesteryear but it did deliver a fun horror comedy experience that I can see myself revisiting sometime in the near future.

The acting in this one is surprisingly more entertaining than a few of the previous Full Moon releases. Most of the characters are not as memorable as previous FM films but the acting in this one is more consistent than previous films. The characters, at least the ones the film is centered around, is more grounded and down to Earth when compared to films like Evil Bong. I enjoyed the cast and the actors did a fantastic job with their performances.

The story for this one is goofy but fun. I didn’t care for the set up of the film centered around the girls hosting a weed party in an old hotel. That was a bit on the silly side but I really got into the whole weed-g-board and the weedjies. It was a fun film but I could see the weed be replaced with something else and the film becoming a Moonbeam release. It’s not as crude or raunchy as other Full Moon releases.

Finally, if you want blood and gore you are barking up the wrong tree. The movie does have some cool looking little creatures with solid practical effects but the movie doesn’t really feature any kills on screen. Overall, Weedjies: Halloweed Night may not be the best and greatest horror movie of 2019 but it doesn’t disappoint. If you like your horror fun then look no further. Check it out now on Full Moon Streaming.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.