STX Media Debuts Unreleased Short “POP!” on YouTube

Jacob Grim and Sal Hernandez, the masterminds behind STX Media, debuted a previously unleashed short film on YouTube this week. POP! screened at one film festival last year before sitting in the vault, but now it’s available for your viewing pleasure at the bottom of this post.

POP! finds a young man doing renovations in an old mansion when he discovers an odd looking box. He takes the wooden gem home with him and goes to bed after struggling to open his loot. As night falls harder on his home, a dark and clownish presence is unleashed and terrorizes the man who opened the barrier.

The nine minute short film stars Patrick Chavera and L.G. Koruptore. It was written, directed and edited by Jacob Grim, and written and executive produced by Sal Hernandez. Jake Gonzales served as cinematographer.

STX Media is known for previous releases including Dreadtime Stories and Deviant Behavior.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)