SAMHAIN – New Horror Film Just Wrapped Production and Will Be Coming to Select Theaters October 2020

Get ready horror fans because a new, scary spectacle is coming your way. “Samhain” just wrapped production and will be coming to select theaters in October 2020. Starring an unknown, local cast from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, the folks over at Gravestone Films will be bringing in the early slasher film formula to this horror-comedy flick: an unknown cast, low budget production, and a typical slasher mentality to it.

Samhain, directed by Gabriele Rolland and written by Scotty McCoy, follows a man named Justin Freed (Brett Harris) who had a mental breakdown on Halloween, which started on the nights of the Samhain festival. He was committed to the Skook Asylum to which he has escaped on the nights leading up to Halloween to come after his daughter he lost years ago, Sami (Amanda Sawayer). Sami’s mom, Kathryn (Brenda Sachleben) is back in town to help put a stop to Justin’s antics. Justin encounters four video game nerds (Scotty McCoy, Tyler Ebert, Scott Yagielniskie, and Shane Opolsky) who go on a mission to protect their “princess” and be real life video game heroes. Justin obtains an alter ego of sorts to which he uses the mannerisms of an evil, yet comedic clown in this horror-comedy to kill anyone and everyone that gets in his way from reuniting himself with his estranged wife and daughter.

Written by Blacktooth

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