GIFTWRAPPED & GUTTED: The Trashiest Christmas Horror Movies Ever Made! Brand New Horror Book and Movie Tie-In from Richard Mogg

The author of “ANALOG NIGHTMARES: The Shot On Video Horror Films of 1982-1995” is BACK with a NEW BOOK!! “GIFTWRAPPED & GUTTED” details how “Holiday Thrillers” became “Holiday HORRORS” as old St. Nick went from jolly gift-giver to punishing ax slasher in the movies. Everything from SHOT ON VIDEO Splatter Flicks to Hollywood Blockbusters… from Foreign Christmas Nightmares to Illegal Copyright Infringers – they’re all here. Killer Christmas Trees! Bloody Beheadings! Bow-tied Prostitutes! Slaughtered Teens! And of course, gore-filled stockings bursting with crazed flesh-eating critters. OVER 200 FILMS! All personally detailed and reviewed by the author Richard Mogg.

PLUS! Read the exclusive behind-the-scenes story of the making of “GIFTWRAPPED & GUTTED!” The NEW feature length Motion Picture from W.A.V.E. Productions! A Santa Slasher like no other, the “GIFTWRAPPED & GUTTED” movie is Richard Mogg’s own take on the genre, directed by W.A.V.E.’s Gary Whitson and featuring a special sequence by the legendary Tim Ritter! Starring Scream Queens Debbie D, Melissa Cannavo-Marino, Laura Giglio, Shannon Stockin and Tina Krause!


24 OF HORROR’S BIGGEST CELEBRITIES SHARE THEIR PERSONAL HOLIDAY MEMORIES WITH YOU! Tim Ritter! Mark Polonia! Richard W. Haines! Dave Castiglione! Phil Herman! Gary Whitson! Mark Torgl! Jack Sholder! Doug Stone! Eric Stanze! Sasha Graham! Hugh Gallagher! Shannon Stockin! Brad Twigg! John Ward! Laura Giglio Bongiovanni! Jimmie Gonzalez! Matt Hill! Bob Dennis! Alex DiSanto! Ron Ford! David Black! Kevin Lindenmuth! Sean Donohue! Featuring stories and images never before seen!!

OVER 200 FILMS – 412 PAGES – 1920’s to PRESENT DAY

GIFTWRAPPED & GUTTED: The Trashiest Christmas Horror Movies Ever Made”
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“GIFTWRAPPED & GUTTED” The Motion Picture (coming soon!)
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So snuggle in and put another log on the fire… because Christmas has come early!

Written by Blacktooth

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