Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (Review)

Director(s) – Justin Copeland (Invincible, Batman:Hush) and Sam Liu (Batman: The Killing Joke, The Death and Return of Superman)
Starring – Rosario Dawson (Iron Fist, The Defenders), Jeffrey Donovan (Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Fargo), and Marie Avgeropoulos (Dead Rising: Endgame, Supernatural)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 2.5/5

Tagline – “Her greatest fight will be the one to get back home”

I’ve been enjoying the shit out of some DC animated movies recently. After watching the slightly underwhelming Superman/Doomsday I tossed in The Death and Return of Superman which is the two films The Death of Superman and The Reign of Supermen combined. While I was watching these two films I was splitting them up with Batman Beyond.

As I wrapped up both films I decided not to start season 2 of Beyond and decided to go with Wonder Woman: Bloodline. The character has always been very interesting to me but I’ve learned to appreciate her even more after having a daughter who idolizes her. I tossed it in but found myself bored through most of the film.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows Princess Diana (Dawson) who lived on a hidden island with other Amazons. Things change when a pilot crash lands nearby while fighting Darkseid’s minions. The Amazons try to hold him prisoner so he tries to reason with Diana about the alien menace that is attacking the real world. She sympathises with him and goes back with him so she can learn about the world outside of her island. She moves in with Julia and her daughter Vanessa. Julia gives Diana more attention than her own daughter which pushes Vanessa away. As an adult she now favors the villains Diana is now fighting as part of the Justice League. After Vanessa makes a deal with Villainy Inc. she is confronted by Diana and Julia is accidentally shot. Vanessa blames Diana for her mother’s death and joins Villainy Inc. forcing Diana to make another important choice. **Spoiler alert**

I went into this one with excitement. My daughter couldn’t wait to see another Wonder Woman movie and I was riding a high from watching The Death and Return of Superman. Sadly, the film let us both down to some extent. My daughter still enjoyed the film for what it was worth but the dialogue heavy scenes with little action really tried our patience. Maybe I was expecting too much from the film. As I stated earlier, I really find the character of Wonder Woman to be fascinating but the film just rehashed what I’ve already scene with a more updated story that just feels rushed at time.

The voice acting in this one isn’t bad but the cast sounds very under enthused. The dialogue is very bland and a lot of the action scenes lose excitement because the voice acting is dull during these. The cast comes across as if they just don’t want to be there.

The story for this one is another origin story mixed with a pre-Justice League Wonder Woman story. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the jump in her timeline and feel that they did the character an injustice by not making it the plot of two films. This is the third, if I’m not mistaken, origin story and the second that was animated which is rather pointless. Both previous films did a better job at establishing the character. The overall film feels like it was tossed together in a whim and the movie suffers from extremely boring scenes that is heavy on dialogue and not content.

Finally, the animation looks good but feels more like one of the animated series from the 90s rather than one of the new DC animated movies. I liked the look of the characters and the style they went with. Overall, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is a somewhat pointless film that doesn’t really serve a purpose. Instead of the another origins story we should be given a new tale following Wonder Woman.

Written by Blacktooth

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