Critically Acclaimed Short “Hang Up!” Debuts on YouTube

Fatal Pictures is proud to present the online debut of its latest short film HANG UP!, a morbid take on marital strife by way of the smart phone.

The synopsis reads as follows: “An accidental butt-dial provides a curious husband an unexpected glimpse into the mind of his loving wife.”

To date, Fatal Pictures has released CONSUMPTION and WORM via American Horrors TV. FAMILIAR is currently available on iTunes as well as on Blu-ray along side HEIR in both The BoxCutter Trilogy and the new horror anthology film CHARLOTTE 2.

HANG UPS’s online release marks the companies first attempt at reaching its audience directly, and we couldn’t be more excited for the film to be discovered, discussed and shared for years to come.

Familiar on iTunes
The BoxCutter Trilogy

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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