Lowlife (Review)

Director – Ryan Prows (Boomerang Kids, Django Guilt)
Starring – Nicki Micheaux (The Pact II, The Shield), Ricardo Adam Zarate (S.W.A.T., Snowfall), and Jon Oswald (Power Rangers: Cosmic Drift, Lady Dynamite)
Release Date – 2017
Rating – 3.5/5

Tagline – “Blessed at the meek”

Sometime ago, longer than I want to admit, IFC Midnight and Scream Factory released several films together and I was sent these films for review. Sadly, I was unable to get these up in a reasonable time. Mostly because I’m a big pile of shit. When Halloween was approaching I wanted to check a few of them out and get them reviewed but shit didn’t go the way I had hoped so these were forced to be put off until now.

I recently watched Pyewacket and was very disappointed in the film. I was hesitant to follow it up with another IFC Midnight/Scream Factory release but I forced my way on and tossed in the 2017 crime drama Lowlife. Lucky for me this movie was a vast improvement over the first film I watched. Once again thank you Scream Factory for sending this one over!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows consists of three different tales with all their paths crossing. The first follows a masked luchador that is trying to live up to his father’s legacy while working for a sex trafficker and organ harvester. He is dating his step-daughter who is a recovering addict and carrying their son. When he gets angry he blacks out and after a black out he finds his expecting girlfriend gone and begins his search for her. The other follows a woman and her husband who are recovering addicts. She owns a hotel and is barely making ends meat while her husband is dying. She makes a deal with the sex trafficker to get her husband the organ he needs to leave from their daughter they gave up for adoption who just happens to be his pregnant step-daughter.

The third follows an ex-con just released from prison who decided to get a giant swastika on his face but is now regretting that decision after his release. His old friend, who is now married to his ex-girlfriend, finds himself in some deep shit with the sex trafficker and must abduct his step-daughter if they want to live. All three then come together for one reason or another and an epic battle between them all and the sex trafficker happens in the basement of a fast food restaurant. **Spoiler Alert**

I knew Lowlife wasn’t the horror movie I was looking for but I at least knew it was going to be bloody and violent. Horror or not, this movie definitely packed a punch and was bloody as fuck.

The acting in this one is great. The characters are very lively and memorable. The film goes against the grain to give the viewer characters that beat the cliché and become memorable. Some of the characters are a little more fun than others but the entire cast does a fantastic job in their roles.

The story for this one keeps the viewer on their toes. Just when you think you have the movie figured out we are thrown for another loop. The film has a pretty steady pace that really pulls the viewer in. The viewer may struggle with connecting with the characters but that’s the fun of this movie. The story is just so far fetched and out there that the viewer can’t help but become enthralled with it.

Finally, this film does not shy away from the blood. We get some insane kills with top notch practical effects. The gore looks great and it always catches the viewer off guard. Most of the kills take place off screen but they are still enjoyable. Overall, Lowlife is not a horror experience but those of you looking for a bloody exploitation flick with outrageous characters will truly enjoy this gritty masterpiece. Check it out!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.