Beau Yotty’s “Desert Wolf” is Now Available on DVD

Desert Wolf is now available on DVD

For all of us horror fans that prefer a hard copy to a digital purchase, Desert Wolf is now available on DVD! Place your order today and receive free shipping in the United States!

Desert Wolf is a throwback to the fun, scary horror creature features of the 1980’s, in the vein of werewolf classics The Wolf Man (1941) and Wolf (1994). The film follows a series of vicious attacks that occur in a small Arizona town. The residents are terrified for their lives, as the death toll rises with each full moon. Their sheriff hunts down the beast responsible for the carnage.

Desert Wolf stars Beau Yotty, Elizabeth Broeder, Dan Weisgerber, Hayley Vrana, John Carr, Mark DeBoer and Jewel Bradford.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)