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An Audio Reading of Mark Allan Gunnells’ Cabin at the Top of the World

Doing it a little different this Christmas Eve Eve.

One of my favorite authors, Mark Allan Gunnells, is adored by many readers around the world. One such reader, under the username Duchess Dark, enjoyed his Christmas horror tale The Cabin at the Top of the World so much that she turned it into an audio video and uploaded it to YouTube. You can listen to Gunnells’ scary good story at the bottom of my post.

And if you’re not convinced that it’s creepy as Hell, just read the comments in the YouTube section. Many listeners commented on how chilling and frightful the narrative is; while others likened it to events in their everyday lives.

Happpy Holidays from Mark, Duchess Dark and HorrorSociety!

If you want to read the story instead of listening to it, find The Cabin at the Top of the World on here.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)