Flip On The New Year With a Special Troma Thursdays Screening of THE MIDDLE FINGER

Press Release Written and Submitted by John Ferri (TROMA Inc.)

On January 2nd, at 7:30 PM, give 2019 the Jersey Salute and start the new year off with a one time only Troma Thursday screening of THE MIDDLE FINGER, featuring a special guest appearance by director and star Séamus Hanly, at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn!

Directed by Séamus Hanly
Starring Rebecca Dore, Rose Henderson and Séamus Hanly

Whenever there’s trouble, send THE MIDDLE FINGER ! Dennis (Séamus Hanly) an awkward teenager, finds himself down on his luck when he’s held back from school, while his friends have moved on and started college. As if that’s not bad enough, he finds his world is turned upside down when he’s visited by a being from another world and transformed into a superhero, tasked with saving the world. The problem is, he’s got no clue how to use his powers, no idea how to find his enemy and on top of everything, his head has been turned into a giant hand giving the finger!

Flip THE MIDDLE FINGER for ONLY $5 on Thursday, January 2nd, with a special appearance from director and star Séamus Hanly, at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, NYC at 7:30 PM!

Troma Tuesdays has branched its weekly program that we continue to curate in New York into other countries to create a unique universal experience to be had with independent cinema around the world every Tuesday.


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