Blu Review – Monstrosity (Garagehouse Pictures)

Director – Andy Milligan (The Weirdo, Surgikill)
Starring – Hal Borske (The Ghastly Ones, Adventures of Red Rooster), Carrie Anita, and Michael Lunsford (Trashy Ladies Wrestling, Surgikill)
Release Date – 1987
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release – 3/5

Tagline – “Meet our hero. Wait ’till you see the bad guys”

I’ve reviewed more movies than I care to count over the years and I’ve watched even more than that. I love finding a movie I had never seen before or uncovering a filmmaker that has made a name for themselves decades prior to me discovering their work. I’ve reviewed a few of Andy Milligan’s films but most of them never clicked with me. They were not bad films but I just didn’t find enjoyment in them like others did.

Sometime ago Garagehouse Pictures sent over a Milligan double feature on blu. The first was the 1987 horror comedy Monstrosity. If all his movies were this entertaining I would have become a fan years ago! Thank you Garagehouse for sending this one my way.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a man who lost his girlfriend when a group of street thugs killed her. He partners up with some friends and decide to build a Golem out of cadaver parts. They never actually expected to succeed but when they do they seek out those that hurt her and fight crime along the city. A wrench is tossed in their plan when Frankie, the Golem, falls in love with a junkie. Without their muscle they poison her with drugs in hopes of regaining Frankie back but this sends him over the edge and he kills his creators.**Spoiler Alert**

I had no idea what Monstrosity was about but the artwork did paint the picture that I was getting into some man-made monster type mayhem. I typically enjoy those types of films and really enjoy them when they are more horror than sci-fi. Monstrosity was fun and one I can see myself revisiting late at night with a few beers.

The acting in this one is what you would expect from a late 80s no budget schlocker. In fact, I could see this cast taking on roles in early Frank Henenlotter flicks. They are dedicated to their roles but they do lack experience. There is a few scenes where they struggle with their volume and just scream their dialogue like a kid at their Christmas play. With that being said, some of the characters are extremely funny and very memorable. You gotta love those late 80s no budget horror comedy characters.

The story for this one takes the mythology of the golem and mixes it with the more contempary legend of Frankenstein’s monster. It works but does, at times, remind the viewer of Young Frankenstein when the zany characters and humor is delivered. There is plenty of dialogue in this one that is a bit on the awkward side but if you stick with it you will enjoy it.

Finally, this one has some blood. The film has several scenes where we get some blood flying. The practical effects are far from perfect and at times laughable but the blood is plentiful. Overall, Monstrosity is a movie you know has problems but it still entertains. I liked the story and the characters but the effects were a little bit of a let down. The blu looks good but still has room for improvement. Check it out now from Garagehouse Pictures!

Special Features:
Audio commentary with Milligan
Matsui’s Monstrosities: An Interview with a Make-Up Man
Still gallery • Andy Milligan trailers
Liner notes
Deleted scenes
Garagehouse Pictures trailers
Cover art by Stephen Romano
Limited edition slip sleeve art by Justin Miller (Limited to 1000 units)
All regions

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.