Pre-Orders for Xtro 3, Public Affairs, and Hollywood Horror House are Up Now at Vinegar Syndrome

February pre-orders are alive and kicking, with another triple helping of diverse sleaze:

Donald Wolfe’s astonishingly stylish and hard-to-see (especially in even remotely watchable quality) proto-slasher, HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE (aka SAVAGE INTRUDER) comes to Blu-ray in a stunning 4K restoration that is easily among our proudest preservations in some time.

Then, Harry Bromley Davenport’s gory final entry in his in-name-only-connected XTRO franchise, XTRO 3: WATCH THE SKIES comes to Blu, looking fresh and fancy, so you can newly appreciate all of its blood-soaked eccentricities.

Lastly, from the Henri Pachard and Joyce Snyder comes the delightfully cynical political satire, PUBLIC AFFAIRS, starring Annette Haven, Kelly Nichols, Annette Heinz, and many more, freshly restored.

Written by Blacktooth

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