The Deathtrip Collection Gets a Blu-Ray Release

4 early shorts from A. Baez & SamHel on Blu-ray including: ‘Who Watched Them Die?’ ‘Entrails & Amour’ ‘Los Angeles Bondage Murders’ & ‘An Ultraviolent Colour’

Low budget horror shorts, appearing for the LAST time on physical, and with their highest resolution. Grab it on 6/1/2020.

Who Watched Them Die?: a trio of killers are stalking two women in the woods and film their brutal killing

Entrails and Amour: a couple breaks up, but one can’t handle the loss and leaves a graphic last message for her ex.

Los Angeles Bondage Murders: Kandy is new in LA and while looking for a job a sleazy casting agent gives her a job as a model. But something more sinister is happening on set.

An Ultraviolent Colour: a girl has a cameraman film her suicide and make her infamous.


Written by Blacktooth

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