THE McPHERSON TAPE (aka UFO Abduction) Gets Blu Release from AGFA and Vinegar Syndrome

From the press release:

We’ve worked together for years, as they’ve distributed many of our titles theatrically, and are now looking forward to giving their own unique assortment of weird, rare, and must see releases a larger audience on home video, starting with Dean Alioto’s pioneering ‘found footage’ movie, THE McPHERSON TAPE (aka UFO Abduction). This infamous staged home movie was shrouded in mystery for years, but can now be enjoyed in a new preservation from the original master tapes, and loaded with fascinating extra features.

The Limited Edition exclusive slipcover is available for pre-order now! Only 1,000 will be produced.

Expect new titles from AGFA every couple months!

Written by Blacktooth

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