Vinegar Syndrome Announces April Titles – Pre Orders are Now Available.

From the press release:

The first installment in our new ‘Forgotten Gialli’ collection debuts with a trio of real rarities, dug out of forgotten archives in Spain and Italy, and all making their debuts in ANY FORMAT in the English speaking world.

Included are: León Klimovsky’s giallo/proto-slasher, TRAUMA, which revels equally in gratuitous T&A and sloppy razor killings; Javier Aguirre’s ultra-literary THE KILLER IS ONE OF 13, which delights in theatrical storytelling, axes to the head, scissor stabbings, and more; and finally Helia Colombo’s offbeat obscurity, THE POLICE ARE BLUNDERING IN THE DARK. There are no police, but there’s much blundering as a sex-killer bumps off models while a frizzy-haired mad scientist attempts to photograph people’s thoughts. All three films will be on separate, fully packaged discs and housed, like our (still in stock) AMITYVILLE Collection, in a beautiful hard shell box.

Then, the first (of many) titles in our new license with MGM has been unveiled. It’s V.V. Dachin Hsu’s stylish 1990 vampire mystery, PALE BLOOD, starring the incomparable Wings Hauser. In addition to its neon-tinged photography and soundtrack by 80s punk favorites, Agent Orange, this is an original and often violent take on a vampire film which should satisfy your bloodlust.

And then the pièce de résistance, as many would say, is Maria Lease’s maddeningly entertaining 1991 classic, DOLLY DEAREST. To put it in cultural reference terms, it’s essentially Denise Crosby (the mom from Pet Sematary) taking on Ed Gale (Chucky from Child’s Play), who’s back in action as…Dolly. And it co-stars Rip Torn. Really, what are you waiting for?

Written by Blacktooth

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