The Last Roommate Unrated Edition on DVD 4/14

The Last Roommate (unrated version) Available on DVD April 14th, 2020

“The Last Roommate” starring Jenn Nangle (“Malvolia: The Queen of Screams”, 10/31), Julie Anne Prescott (“Jaws of Los Angeles”, “Moon of The Blood Beast”) and Shawn C. Phillips (“Ghost Shark”, “Tales For The Campfire 3”).

The Last Roommate centers around a young woman, Charlotte, who, upon falling in love with her seductive new roommate, Sarah, sinks into an erotic tangle of violence and deadly obsession. Follow Sarah as she tries to escape her suburban isolation by opening herself to a stranger. And, watch the two of them descend into psycho-sexual madness and violence.

The unrated version will be available on DVD April 14th, 2020 from SCS Entertainment for $17.99, at this link:

Written By Jamie Grefe (“Shark Babes”, “Sexy Nurses”) and Directed By Dark Infinity (“Nemesis 5”, “Jaws of Los Angeles”).


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)