Blu Review – Hard Ticket to Hawaii (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Director – Andy Sidaris (Picasso Trigger, Malibu Express)
Starring – Ronn Moss (Six Feet Under, The Boneyard Collection), Dona Speir (Savage Beach, Fit to Kill), Hope Marie Carlton (Bloodmatch, A Nightmare on Elm St. 4: The Dream Child)
Release Date – 1987
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release – 3/5

Tagline – “Pay the price for paradise”

My Mill Creek Entertainment action continues! After watching the rather underwhelming 1997 action film Double Team I decided to take it back a decade and check out a few 80s action flicks from Andy Sidaris. Mill Creek started late last year releasing the 12 films from Andy Sidaris on blu. I had never seen these films before so I was excited to check these out. The first one I went with was the 1987 flick Hard Ticket to Hawaii. I once again want to thank Mill Creek for sending this one my way to check out.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a government agent and her friend who accidentally cross paths with a lucrative and highly organized drug ring. When the drug lord behind the operation targets them they turn to their friends for help who just happens to be highly skill martial arts practitioners and experts in heavy weapons.**Spoiler Alert**

I love cheap action flicks. When I say cheap I mean those action flicks with unknown male stars acting next to former adult film stars with no budget and plenty of boobs. These films where what inspired me to write reviews. I wanted to review movies that people had forgot about but you could find at any Wal-Mart discount movie bin. Hard Ticket to Hawaii is the perfect example of the action flicks I loved growing up. Tons of nudity, unforgettable one-liners, and cheesy action fun.

The acting in this is on the same level as no budget softcore porn. We get a cast that is over enthused which makes the scenes so much fun to watch. The cast really hams it up which makes the one liners work. Their interactions are and dialogue among one another is far from perfect but you can tell the cast is really enjoying themselves. Their fun in front of the camera does transfer well into the scene and you can’t help but enjoy yourself with the horrible dialogue and inexperienced acting.

The story for this one is nothing new but it does have the Sidaris flair. His unforgettable dialogue, cliched but entertaining characters, and action fits perfectly with the story and we get more than enough nudity to cover any plot holes we might see. The story may lack originality but it is filled with creativity.

Finally, the film has a little blood here and there but nowhere near as a bloody as the action films before it. However, if you are looking for boobs and explosions you are in the right place. Overall, Hard Ticket to Hawaii is classic cheesy action. I know horror gets the rep for being sleazy but this action comedy brings some serious skin. I cannot recommend this film enough! The blu looks great but the fans are not given anything new in terms of special features. We get an intro from director Andy Sidaris which was filmed for the original DVD release of his films along with a few other features that were included in the releases or found on YouTube.

Special Features:
Previously Released Intro with Andy Sidaris and Julie Strain
Behind the Scenes

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.